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At the time of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games countdown, it was built with 800 grams of Hetian jade and 45 grams of pure gold and sterling silver. Following the "Olympic emblem 7a686964616f31333335323363", another great masterpiece shocked the world. The advent of Baoxi has filled an important gap in the history of the Asian Games in the past 100 years. It is the supreme leading collection of the 2010 Asian Games. Yang Boda, former vice president of the Palace Museum and chairman of the China Jade Professional Committee, signed their signatures one after another, and the Chinese jade carving master Wu Haizhou personally created it, which shocked the world.



The 2010 Asian Games will be held in the beautiful Yangcheng-Guangzhou, which is one of the few international grand events held since the founding of New China; once again showing the comprehensive strength of the motherland outside the country and the longing friendship and peace of the Chinese nation To commemorate this event, the Asian Games Organizing Committee officially authorized the first public release of the "Asian Games Emblem Treasure Seal" in the history of the Asian Games, using gold, silver, Hetian jade and the core emblem of the Asian Games-the emblem and China's ancient jade culture The fusion will continue to inherit the core values of the Asian Games. This is a breakthrough in the history of the Asian Games, and it is also the first time in history.



As the iconic collection of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Asian Games Huibao, because of its major theme and precious materials, has triggered a high degree of enthusiasts and panic buying enthusiasts since its launch.


千年文化精髓 百年亚运烙上中国印“亚运会徽宝玺”俨然成为2010亚运会顶尖藏品!玉,在中国历来被视为富贵、吉祥和权力的象征;从“天人合一”之说,到“美玉之国”之誉;从“君子佩玉”之德,到“传国玉玺”之尊,8000年玉文明,与中华文明的形成、发展和繁荣同生相随到水乳交融。2010亚运会是人类文明交融的盛会,铭刻中华千年荣耀的“亚运会徽宝玺”惊世呈现。将中国生肖文化、印章文化、玉文化、帝王文化与现代体育文化相结合、凭借其深厚的玉文化内涵和中国玉玺的庄重威严,俨然成为2010亚运会标志性之作,堪称史上的“玉器王者”,永恒印记百年亚运的盛世辉煌。